New online group’s treasure hunt is fun for all ages

Linda Sutherland with Freya, 10, Murray, 8, and 'Katie, 5
Linda Sutherland with Freya, 10, Murray, 8, and 'Katie, 5

A new online community, which encourages members to undertake an unusual kind of treasure hunt, has seen numbers soar after starting up just last month.

The Fife Rocks Facebook page is a new group which urges participation across all ages as they create and hunt for their own treasure.

Some of the designs for Fife Rocks

Some of the designs for Fife Rocks

The group collects stones and decorates them, before hiding them in a public place and leaving clues to their location on the Facebook page.

Fife Rocks is aimed at children and adults alike, whether they live in Fife, or are just visiting the area.

Admin and group founder, Linda Sutherland, says it all started on a family trip to Stonehaven.

The Kirkcaldy mum said: “I only started in September, so it’s growing really, really quickly.

“We were in Stonehaven in the summer holidays and there’s loads and loads of rocks at the beach.

“The children picked some up, and they had some pens so they doodled on them and hid them.

“When we got home, we looked on the internet to see if this is a ‘thing’, and it is a thing all across the world, but there wasn’t anything set up in Fife.”

“Now the group has already gained nearly 1500 members.

“I started one for Stonehaven too as that’s where I’m from originally, and it’s going to be on BBC Radio Scotland. So it’s totally taken off.”

Thankfully, for those of us who may not be confident about our art skills, there’s no strict rules about what to draw or how to draw it.

“You basically find rocks or little pebbles, and children or adults can decorate them,” said Linda.

“There’s no criteria as to how you do that.

“You can use sharpie pens, acrylic paint, you can stick things on, do whatever you want.

“Then basically you hide them round about Fife and you post a clue to say where you’ve hidden them, and then people can go find them.

“You would say ‘hidden in Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy’ then leave a clue to say which part, or you could say ‘hidden near a cathedral in St Andrews’ for example.

“The people who are local to that particular area then go out and find them.

“There’s mums and dads and little children taking part, but I’ve had ladies and gentlemen who don’t have any children but have joined as they love decorating and art.

“It really is for anyone to participate in.

“It doesn’t matter what your artwork skills are, you can do what you want, how you want.”

And if you spot a design you like, it’s ok to get a little bit attached, as long as you replace it with a design of your own and release it into the wild.

“Some people like to keep the rocks,” said Linda, “but all we ask is, if you do keep one then make up one yourself and hide it somewhere else so it keeps going.

“It’s really taken off over the October holidays.

“People like to get the children out and about and see places that they haven’t seen.

“It’s something nice to do as a family.

“It started out as just being Kirkcaldy as that’s where I stay, but now it’s in Crail, St Andrews, Glenrothes, and Dunfermline so it’s definitely growing.”