New owners for old Kirkcaldy school

Former Abbotshall Infants' School
Former Abbotshall Infants' School

Hopes for future development at Linktown landmark

Another of Kirkcaldy’s “eyesores” looks set to be developed with the sale of old school buildings in the town’s Ramsay Road.

The whole of the site occupied by the former social work and teachers’ resource centre at the corner of Ramsay Road and Saunders Street, as well as the former Abbotshall Infants’ School on an adjoining piece of land have been sold at auction to Edinburgh-based Brel Properties for a bargain price of just over £70,000 for the two sites.

Speculation in Linktown is that the large piece of land could be used for housing, with a rumour that part of it may be earmarked for nursery provision.

The buildings on the site are category C-listed which means that they should be preserved unless good cause can be shown for them to be demolished.

A spokesperson for Brel Properties, said workmen were currently on site making the buildings safe by carrying out necessary repairs and tidying up the site.

David Henderson, chairman of Kirkcaldy West Community Council, said he welcomed the news.

“This site has lain un-used for some time, particularly the infants’ school part which has not been used for decades, and it would be great to see it being brought back into used within the local community,” he said.

A council spokesman said the infants’ school building had lain empty for around 20 years since it was last used by nursery school children and P1 and 2 youngsters for classrooms while Kirkcaldy West Primary School underwent renovation work during the early 1990s.

The larger corner site was used until three years ago by Fife Council for social work services and a teachers’ resource centre.

Temporary huts within the site were used by the Linktown Community Action Centre until it moved into the nearby Philp Hall.

The Building:

Abbotshall Primary School as it was called, was opened in 1891 by Sir Michael Nairn.

It was used for the education of around 130 pupils, many coming from the nearby Links Philp School which closed at the same time.

The adjacent infants’ school was added in 1898 to cater for the growing number of children in the area.

As well as education and social work, the building has been used as a polling station.