New role but familiar ‘beat’ for Glenrothes Inspector

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A familiar face is back on the Glenrothes ‘beat’this week as she takes up one of the key roles in policing within the local area.

Former Glenrothes Community Sergeant Joanne McEwan returns to the town where she has spent most of her previous career, to take up her new position as the town’s Community Inspector.

She fills the role made vacant following the recent retirement of Inspector Derek Paxton, and has vowed to carry on the good work achieved by her predecessor.

“I may be new to the role but not new to the Glenrothes. I’m very informed of the area and know the town well,” she told councillors as she delivered the police’s six-month performance report to councillors at Wednesday’s area committee.

“I’m from the town and grew up in the town, so in that respect, I’m invested in what goes on here and keen to see the continuation of successful policing for Glenrothes and the surrounding area,” she added.

Inspector McEwan, who started her career as a constable in Glenrothes, and who has also recently worked in north east Fife, told the Gazette afterwards: “The importance initially will be to understand the issues and concerns that are impacting on local communities and to be able to build a pro-active police approach to tackling those issues.

“Working together with a range of groups will be the central focus for 2016.”