New service for Fifers in trauma to launch

Maggie Wright, who is setting up the social enterprise Families in Trauma, with Meghan & Ally Melville & Steve Wright. Picture by Fife Photo Agency
Maggie Wright, who is setting up the social enterprise Families in Trauma, with Meghan & Ally Melville & Steve Wright. Picture by Fife Photo Agency

A new social enterprise offering support for people experiencing any form of trauma is set to launch next week.

Families in Trauma is an online service that uses video interviews with those families that have gone through trauma to help others by sharing their experiences.

The service, which has been set up by local woman Maggie Wright, aims to provide a level of support that may otherwise be lacking.

And a special launch event for the service is set to take place at its base in the Fife Renewables Innovation Centre on October 28.

Maggie explained: “My husband and I set up a Fife based video production company over 15 years ago.

“We then faced a family trauma of our own and were suddenly made aware that there were no support services to really help families in trauma.

“The individual undergoing the trauma might be able to receive a tiny bit of help from the NHS, but this is often after much trauma and waiting for weeks or months to be seen.

“This is not quick enough and often, this is a crucial moment for victims of trauma and their families – they need some help immediately.

“I was quite shocked when I found that there was no help available for families undergoing many different forms of trauma, so having had experience of searching for help on the internet I decided I could at least do some small thing to be able to help.

“I knew I had scoured the internet, and knew that many other families would be doing the same, so I decided to set up Families in Trauma.”

Families in Trauma offers a private video sharing platform for families going through trauma enabling them to listen to recorded interviews with other families who have gone through similar events.

Maggie continued: “This can help to reduce the feeling of isolation that happens when a trauma occurs, and if, and when, the family are ready they can also join in on the forums or link to the signposting that is available as there may be services that they were not available.

“This will hopefully just fill that gap between when a trauma occurs, and when the family can start engaging with other services as the need arises.

“We are not trying to replace, or duplicate, services that are available – but rather, add another strand of support.”

Next Wednesday’s launch, which runs from 4pm to 6pm, will give people the chance to find out more about Families in Trauma.

Margaret Hannah, deputy director of public health, is guest speaker for the event and she will be talking about ‘Humanising Healthcare’.

A number of different local services that support those experiencing trauma will also be present on the evening to speak with visitors about the work they are doing and the services they offer.