New standards brought in for roads maintenance in Fife

Road maintenance in the spotlight
Road maintenance in the spotlight

New standards applying to all aspects of road maintenance are set to be introduced in Fife from the beginning of April.

And Councillor Tim Brett, leader of the Liberal Democrat group, hopes this will make it easier to judge the performance of the transportation service.

Cllr Brett said: “Councillors receive a large number of queries and complaints about road maintenance, but at the present time, there are few standards for how long it should take to deal with them.

“For example, category one defects, such as dangerous potholes, should be repaired within 24 hours, and category two defects, other potholes, should be dealt with within five working days.

“We receive information on pothole repairs but we don’t get similar information for other aspects of roads maintenance.”

New standards being introduced include street nameplates to be replaced within three months or repaired within 10 working days, gullies to be cleaned within 20 working days and street lights, where there is an ‘above ground fault’, to be repaired in five working days.

Cllr Brett is also pleased information on road maintenance will be made available to the area committees, allowing performance to be monitored at a local level.