New study shows men just can't leave their phone alone!

A new innovative experiment has revealed that men spend more time chatting on the phone than women.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 23rd July 2016, 10:00 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 6:33 pm
A new study has revealed that men are spending more time chatting on the phone than women.
A new study has revealed that men are spending more time chatting on the phone than women.

According to a new innovative experiment, men spend 66 per cent longer talking on their phone than women – equivalent to 10 minutes more each day.

When it comes to overall phone usage, men spend an hour longer each day using their phones than women.

The average male Smartphone user spends two hours 44 minutes talking, texting and using other applications on their phone, while women spend on average one hour 41 minutes.

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The social experiment saw researchers load software onto Smartphones that recorded every single interaction users made with their devices. It analysed every app opened and how many times people interacted with it, how long they spent browsing the web and how much time was spent talking and texting.

The study revealed women are more likely to communicate via instant messaging than a traditional voice call. On average women spend 17 minutes a day sending and receiving instant messages and texts, compared to just 15 minutes of talk time. Men also spend 17 minutes instant messaging every day.

Psychologist Donna Dawson said: “Psychological research has always shown that right from early age women are more interested in faces (‘people’), whereas men are more interested in ‘objects’ such as phones.

“Alongside the biological fact that the female brain is better constructed for personal communication, this means that most women enjoy saving important conversations for face-to-face encounters where possible, and using instant messaging when they cannot.

“Women can glean so much more from a face-to-face encounter than men, because they are attuned to interpreting facial and body language, vocal tone and reading between the lines. These social skills do not come so naturally to men, however, and the research shows that most men would rather avoid face-to-face and use their phones instead.”

She added: “Although men spend an hour longer on the phone each day, it is most likely their inherent fascination with technology, apps, and their phone’s capabilities that is responsible, rather than their enjoyment of lengthy conversations.”

Female participants in the study spent more time on their phones playing games than men - 13 minutes per day compared to nine minutes. Amongst both sexes, the three most-used apps remain the same, however, with Facebook, voice calling and WhatsApp Messenger filling out the top three apps.