New tactic in bid to catch runaway buffalo

Steve Mitchell
Steve Mitchell

Farmers hunting for a troublesome buffalo, which has been on the run in Fife for over a week, have turned to some novel approaches in a bid to recapture it.

The buffalo has continued to confound its would-be captors after escaping nine days ago near Kirkcaldy.

Now attempts to lure in the young bull are being made using a “helpful cow” and a calf as bait in the hope that the runaway animal will be enticed into a field.

Steve Mitchell of Buffalo Farm said last week that he had been loaned heat-sensing equipment to help spot the bull in dense woodlands near Torbain Road.

The young bull is prone to running off when approached by humans, and is likely to be more comfortable around other buffalo.

Now “cow 242” has been put into a new area with her calf, in the hope that their calls will bring the bull back to the herd.

Fingers crossed it’ll be caught soon.