New town, new home for Romanian dogs

Kimberly Webster and Julie Moffat with one of their recent arrivals from Romania
Kimberly Webster and Julie Moffat with one of their recent arrivals from Romania

Dog lovers from Glenrothes have come together to help offer sanctuary to dogs that otherwise would have been left to die on Romanian streets.

The group, known as the Romanian Dog Rescuers, have already re-homed 23 abused and battered canines across the Glenrothes area, all in just eight months.

Kimberly Webster got involved in the group after learning about the plight of the Romanian dogs that were being taken off the streets and either kept in appalling conditions or abused and killed.

“It’s horrific what these poor dogs go through and as a dog lover I just couldn’t stand by and let it happen, I had to do something to help,” explained Kimberley.

Kimberley, who lives in Macedonia, got in touch with Julie Moffat from Collydean via her Facebook page and the pair now have a growing group of supporters and are preparing to receive a further dozen dogs which they have already found homes for.

“Our next batch of dogs arrive in July, it takes 21 days to complete the necessary EU checks, obtain medical certificates and an animal passport and be micro-chipped, that all costs £230 per dog,” said Julie.

But the group’s efforts have met with resistance from UK-based animal rescue charities who say these actions are only adding to a grown problem in this country.

“We understand their position but to do nothing was not an option,” added Julie.

For more information about the group and its fundraising activities go to its 
Facebook page ‘Romanian dog adoption and support’.