New Transport Minister to visit A92 Logan crash site

Mr Brown met witht he previous Transport Minister Derek Mackay MSP in July 2015.
Mr Brown met witht he previous Transport Minister Derek Mackay MSP in July 2015.

The grieving grandfather of Logan Carrie will meet new Scottish Transport Minister today (Wednesday) at the site where the nine-year-old was tragically killed.

Humza Yousaf MSP has accepted Mr Brown’s invitation to see for himself the stretch of A92 north of Glenrothes where his grandson lost his life while attempting to cross the busy dual carriageway in February 2015.

Mr Brown has told the Gazette he will use the face-to-face meeting to express his frustration over the lack of progress over the installation of a suitable pedestrian crossing since meeting Mr Yousaf’s predecessor, Derek MacKay MSP, in July last year.

“We need a real and tangible commitment to improving safety on the A92, in particular the stretch where Logan was killed,” explained Mr Brown.

“The previous Transport Minister gave those reassurances and indeed commented that ‘something needed to be done’ when we walked the site together last year, but I’ve seen little or nothing since.

“An assessment report of possible improvements has been produced by Transport Scotland but it remains unclear what is to happen next.

“I’ve said all along that the assessment did not take into account people needing to cross at peak times of the day and night, and pedestrians were not asked what they felt about having to cross such a busy road.”

Mr Brown said he wants the new Transport Minister to understand fully the need for a crossing at that point.

“We can’t wait for another tragedy, we have to do more to make this road safe, we need action, not mere talking,” he said.

And while Mr Brown has welcomed the current improvements being made by Transport Scotland and BEAR Scotland to extend the pedestrian footpath and in reducing the speed limit from 50mph to 40mph on the stretch of A92 between Cadham and Balfarg junctions – the stretch where his grandson was killed – he said he will continue his fight to have a permanent crossing installed.

Only two weeks ago a Transport Scotland spokesman told the Gazette the department was “firmly committed” to improving safety on the A92, despite facing a barrage of criticism from the public. The current improvements have been described as “derisory” by members of an A92 safety campaign group.

A full report of Wednesday’s meeting will appear online at in due course.