New year, new approach at Glenrothes area committee

Fife House
Fife House

Changes will allow a more productive approach

Plans to make the Glenrothes Area Committee more efficient are being put into practice when the town’s councillors meet today (Wednesday).

The monthly meetings are to be conducted on a “themed” basis to tie in with local area planning priorities.

The move follows a suggestion by committee chairman Altany Craik, who thinks it’s time for a fresh approach to the way the meetings work.

“The one thing I’ve said since I took the position of chairman is we will have to take on a different approach to meetings to see if there are ways to make them work more efficiently,” said Mr Craik.

“The more often we try to do it, the better chance we’ll have of getting it right, “ he added.

The January meeting is loosely based around an educational theme with reports from the town’s three high school head teachers.

“We have asked the head teachers to give us reports not just based on hard statistics, but to also explain what is working, what isn’t and how we can evaluate more roundly.

“This will allow us to take a more productive approach to schooling going forward,” said Mr Craik.

The new thematic approach will see environment planning and public protection, health and wellbeing and enterprise, and the local economy and jobs, all form the basis of committee meetings in the coming months, with councillors reviewing the new approach after six months.

There are also plans to take committee meetings on the road later in the year.

Mr Craik continued: “The opportunity has to be the right one, what we don’t want to do is just increase costs for no real benefit.

‘‘The most productive way would be to tie it in with a public event.

“Not everyone understands the level of accountability we have and the range of subject areas that we get involved in, with better and more productive public engagement they may get a better understanding how we can help them.”

He added: “None of us were elected to make things worse but we must engage more closely as a committee group to see how we can increase the chances of making Glenrothes better and this is just one initiative to help achieve that.”

The public is welcome to attend committee meetings held each month at Fife House.