Newburgh rail halt campaign taken to Parliament

North East Fife MSP Rod Campbell
North East Fife MSP Rod Campbell

THE campaign aimed at reinstating Newburgh’s railway station has been taken to the Scottish Parliament.

North East Fife MSP, Rod Campbell, has lodged a motion calling for the re-establishment of a rail halt to be considered during the current Parliamentary session.

Praising the Scottish Government’s record in delivering high-profile rail projects, the SNP MSP said: “There are valuable social, economic and environmental benefits from an enhanced station network.

“Newburgh Community Trust have already investigated the rail link options and had some positive outcomes from the work done by Deltix Transport Consultancy.

“I am very keen for the rail options for Newburgh to be fully considered and am pressing for this to take place during the current Parliamentary session.”

The campaign to reinstate the halt has been gathering steam since transport expert David Spaven of Deltrix Transport Consultancy gave a positive report after being commissioned by the Sustainable Newburgh Project to assess the feasibility of the plan.

That followed a survey carried out in the Newburgh area during which it emerged that the re-opening of a railway station was a top priority among local residents.

A lobby group known as the Newburgh Railway Campaign Group has now been set up to press for the reinstatement of the halt, which closed over 50 years ago.