Newport man facing attempted murder charge

Dundee Sheriff Court
Dundee Sheriff Court

A man has appeared in court accused of attempted murder after allegedly trying to drown a woman by holding her head underwater in a bath until she fell unconscious.

Troy McCrae faces seven charges after an alleged incident in Newport-on-Tay last Friday.

He is accused of first throwing his partner Sarah Marshall against glass at the Brig o’ Tay pub in Boat Road, Newport.

Later that same day he allegedly grabbed her and restrained her by the throat at a property in the town’s Seacraig Court.

Prosecutors say he then threw a table against a wall and shouted and swore, demanding Miss Marshall open the bathroom door within the property.

McCrae is said to have kicked the bathroom door repeatedly until it came off its hinges.

He then allegedly repeatedly seized her by the throat, struck her head off a ceramic sink and pushed her.

A further charge states he allegedly punched her on the head then submerged her head under water in a bath and held her head under water, whereby she lost consciousness, in an attempt to murder her.

McCrae is also accused of assaulting Blair Grossett by pushing him against a wall, and allegedly assaulted Skye Melville by struggling with her and pushing her, to her injury, on the same date.

He then allegedly assaulted a fourth person, Carl Seed, by running at him, struggling with him, pushing him to the ground and punching him on the head, to his injury, in the common stairwell at the property on Seacraig Court, on Saturday.

McCrae made no plea or declaration in relation to the seven charges on petition during a brief private hearing at Dundee Sheriff Court.

He faces five charges of assault, one of attempted murder and one of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner.

The case was continued for further investigation and McCrae was remanded in custody meantime.