Next step for Kirkcaldy theatre plans

An 3D image view of what the theatre could look like. Pic: Douglas Kelso
An 3D image view of what the theatre could look like. Pic: Douglas Kelso

Plans to transform Kirkcaldy’s former ABC cinema into a new live theatre venue have moved a step forward after a crowdfunding campaign came to an end.

The campaign to raise £30,000 to kick start proposals to create the Kings Theatre Kirkcaldy at the High Street site finished on December 8, and although the target was not reached, those behind the project have confirmed enough has been raised to progress the plans to the next stage.

A total of £8169 has been raised, including a grant from the Architectural Heritage Fund.

This week,Grant Foster, a director of Kings Theatre Kirkcaldy Ltd, said: “We only raised £8000 of the £30.000 but this is more than enough to get started and for us to hit the ground running.

“In the new year we will be able to get an indepth structural engineers report on the entire site, a full building survey, an evaluation survey and we can find out the overall costs for the entire project.

“We will also be able to submit a pre-planning application.”

But although that original £30,000 target has not yet been reached, Kings Theatre Kirkcaldy Ltd, is not giving up and plans are currently being in place to continue the fundraising into the early part of 2016.

Grant explained: “We have some special events planned for the start of the year.

“We are organising a firewalk at Balbirnie House in January and we’re looking to do another ‘Spoons Rock’ with special guests.

“Artist Jack Vettriano has given us a limited edition print to auction off and we’re looking at some other events in the early part of the year.

“We’re hoping that with the fundraising events we are planning we should be able to raise that £30,000 by the end of March.

“For us, this plan will happen.”

The vision for the site...

In October, Kings Theatre Kirkcaldy Ltd revealed its plans to regenerate the derelict site of the former cinema and the YWCA in the town’s High Street.

The vision will see the three former cinema screens returned to one large auditorium that would host an audience of between 1750 and 2000, making Fife’s largest live entertainment venue.

The former YWCA would be adapted to form a high end corporate event space and a fine dining restaurant.