NHS Fife director backs off-licence objections

The new licences have caused controversy.
The new licences have caused controversy.

The director of NHS Fife has backed objections to new shops getting off-licences in the Kingdom.

NHS Fife raised their ever first objections at the licensing committee to several new shops applying for off-licences.

Director of Public Health Dr Margaret Hannah, said: “We are working closely with partner agencies to achieve a reduction in alcohol related harm across Fife, as well as alcohol related deaths, which are at their highest level in almost two decades.

“As a statutory consultee for all new licensed premises in Fife, we have a responsibility to respond to applications where there are concerns over public health.

“As such, we do not believe (new licences) would protect or improve public health in the area, which is one of the five objectives set down by the Fife Licensing Board alongside consideration of whether there is an over-provision of licences premises in an area.”

Licences were granted to two new properties, Iceland and Marks and Spencer, at The Henge retail park in Glenrothes.

There is currently an ongoing consultation to restrict new off-licences in Kirkcaldy, Cowdenbeath and Levenmouth for the next five years due to data which links poverty and over consumption of alcohol, with the number of off-licences in the area.

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