NHS Fife says ‘yes’ to Reece’s vital op’

Scott, Reece, Jillian and Millie Cameron.
Scott, Reece, Jillian and Millie Cameron.
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A KENNOWAY couple are celebrating after being granted £24,000 to help pay for groundbreaking medical treatment for their son.

Jillian and Scott Cameron have been enduring an anxious wait to hear if NHS Fife would fund an operation for their son Reece which they hope will enable him to walk properly.

When he was 18-months old, Reece was diagnosed with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy, a condition which causes his leg muscles to severely tighten.

This means the nine-year-old has to walk on his tip-toes, regularly causing him to lose his balance and fall.

The family applied to have Reece undergo a new treatment called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy which permanently eliminates high muscle tone by cutting damaged nerves in the spine, leaving the healthy ones to carry the correct signals from the brain to the muscles, and allowing Reece to move easily.

The cost of the operation is £24,000 – which the family is now overjoyed to hear will be paid for by the local health authority – making Reece the first child in Fife to be approved and only the second in Scotland.

Mum Jillian told the Mail: “We are so happy and excited with the decision made by Fife NHS to fund the main operation.

“We are obviously nervous and worried too as it is a major operation and, like all surgery, there are always risks, but in this case the positives outweighed the negatives we are 100 per cent happy with our decision.

“It’s also a huge weight off our shoulders knowing now we only need to fund for his aftercare.”

The family still needs to raise £40,000 to fund Reece’s aftercare treatment, and has continued fundraising efforts. For details visit www.reecesgoal.co.uk or www.Facebook.com/reecesgoal.