Nicole’s cool head saves mum’s life

Debbie Ferrier and her four-year-old daughter Nicole
Debbie Ferrier and her four-year-old daughter Nicole

A four-year-old girl saved her mum’s life when she took an epileptic fit in the bath.

Little Nicole found her mum, Debbie Ferrier, nearly drowning as she had a seizure at home in Methil last Wednesday evening.

Without hesitation the youngster tried to get help.

Proud mum Debbie explained: “My head was under the water.

“She had come through to where my sister, Nicole’s auntie, was sitting in the living room to get help.

“My sister is heavily pregnant and was struggling to lift me out the bath and keep my head out of the water.

“So Nicole, without being asked, had gone to the neighbours. She knocked on one door but didn’t get an answer so she went up to the next floor shouting help and knocking on doors.

“For her to do what she’s done is amazing.

“She didn’t panic and she knew she had to get help. She saved my life.”

Last week’s events were not the first time that Nicole has helped her mum with her condition.

Debbie (25), said that in the last four months when her epileptic seizures have become more frequent, Nicole has been a pillar of strength.

She said: “She’s phoned ambulances for me, she’s lain with me and held my hand and when I passed out in the street she went back to her nursery to tell her teacher.

“She’s just been amazing, and she’s taken it all in her stride.

“I’m so proud of her. She’s been so brave over the last four months.”