Night-flights cause concern in Cupar

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TYPHOON fighter jets from RAF Leuchars have been taking part in a series of late-night training flights over north east Fife.

A number of Cuparians contacted the Fife Herald this week to ask about the “deafening” noise over the town.

One local mum, who asked not to be named, said: “It’s been happening on and off since last Thursday.

“At least two planes have been flying very low over Cupar.

“On Monday and Tuesday they came over at about 10pm.

“The sound is deafening and it’s quite frightening as well.”

She added: “As far as I’m aware they’re not supposed to fly over residential areas at night unless there’s been an exercise publicised, but we haven’t heard anything.

“I’d like to know why it’s been happening.”

Another woman, who lives just outside the town, said: “There were quite a number of flights going over our house on Tuesday night — it must have been about 9.30pm, and it was very noisy.

“I don’t mind if we’ve been given some prior warning, but when it comes out of the blue it’s a bit much I think.

“It was bad enough this time, but I remember a couple of years ago our whole house shook.”

An RAF Leuchars spokesman said the flights were part of the Typhoon pilots’ quick reaction alert training.


He said: “Night flying has been taking place this week as part of ongoing training for 6 Squadron Typhoon aircraft.

“Quick reaction alert is required 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so it is essential our aircraft are able to fly in all conditions, and night flying skills are important.

“We do make every effort to minimise disturbance in the local area.”

Typhoon fighters from RAF Leuchars are currently involved in operations in Libya, helping enforce the no-fly zone over the country.