Nikola Stedul shooting: Resident woken by bullets through her windows

Bullets flew through two windows in one woman's house.
Bullets flew through two windows in one woman's house.

Kathleen McVicar, of Glen Lyon Road, told how she was roused from her bed by a bullet coming through her bedroom window.

Speaking of the morning of October 20, 1988, she said in her evidence to the 1989 trial, she first knew something was going on when her bedroom window smashed.

She went to her window to see Nikola Stedul kneeling on the pavement at the foot of her garden.


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After rushing downstairs to help him and call an ambulance, she later discovered her livingroom window was also broken. A bullet was taken out of the wall opposite the window.

Both she and her 12-year-old son spoke of a black car driving away from the scene. Her son later found a bullet lying on his mother’s bedroom floor.

Elizabeth Woods, a hotel housemaid of Chapel Road, said that on three occasions between Sunday, October 16 and Wednesday, October 19, she had seen an unfamiliar black Mini Metro with a red stripe, parked near to her home, which was close to Glen Lyon Road.

She thought she remembered seeing a single man sitting in the car on two of the occasions.

Asked if she saw the man in court, she pointed at Sindicic and said: “I think it was him.”

Three other nearby residents spoke of seeing a small black car sitting in the area in the days prior to the shooting.

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