Nikola Stedul shooting: Two guns were found near Kirkcaldy

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THE discovery of two guns lying on the roadside just outside Kirkcaldy was described at the trial of Vinko Sindicic in 1989.

Fife Regional Council workman, James Dowie, said that he had been working at the verge of the A907 road near Cuddy’s Knowe Cottages with his colleague, James Tobin, on the morning a of Friday, October 21, 1988.

Mr Tobin had picked up a small black bag and opened it to reveal “a gun, a long barrell and a thing for bullets.”

Mr Dowie said that the gun had been found between 10.45 and 11am, and had been lying on the grass verge about one metre in from the road on the left-hand side travelling away from Kirkcaldy.


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Lorry driver Mr Eric McCafferty, of Cardenden, was travelling towards Kirkcaldy on the same afternoon when he spotted a little bag lying on the grass verge at the side of the road about half-a-mile from lnvertiel Farm. The bag was on his passenger side the right-hand side of the road travelling from Kirkcaldy.

After delivering his load, he went back to investigate, because the bag looked “too good to be thrown away”.

Unzipping the bag, he discovered a gun with a magazine in it, a silencer and a second loose magazine which contained bullets.

“I had heard about the shooting the previous day, and I ran to call the police.” he said.

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