No bumpy ride in Lundin Links

Drivers will not have to go over speed bumps - but will have to adhere to 20mph
Drivers will not have to go over speed bumps - but will have to adhere to 20mph

Councillors and a local campaign group have welcomed a decision by Fife Council not to install speed bumps along Largo Road.

Months of campaigning paid off in November after it was agreed the speed limit of the main route through Lundin Links should be reduced from 30 mph to 20 mph.

This is a victory for the community

Councillor Alistair Hunter

And now officers from Fife Council’s transportation department have confirmed that they will not be installing the traffic calming measure as a further deterent.

However, the road will be under scrutiny and will be checked after a period of six months.

If the average speed along the road does not fall below 24 mph by then, other traffic calming measures – namely speed cushions – will have to be implemented, according to Transport Scotland’s current ‘Good Practice Guide on 20mph restrictions’.

While work to install lines and signs is carried out as part of phase one of the project – it is hoped that work on this will be carried out around July/August – speed cushions will be marked on the road – at approximately 67 Largo Road, 51 Largo Road and 37 Largo Road – to make it easier to install the speed bumps should they need to.

Councillor Alistair Hunter welcomed the unconventional approach, given that speed cushions are almost always incorporated when a 20 mph limit is put in place.

“This is a victory for the community,” he said.

“The approach taken with them, the officers and the members should be applauded as the ultimate aim here is to change driver behaviour. It is a really good example of what can be achieved when we all work together and we keep the people that we represent at the middle of our actions.”

Cllr David Alexander added: “This is about trust between the councillors, the community and the officers. If we could do this across Fife it would be a damn better place. I’m delighted with the report.”

The group which campaigned for months to reduce the speed limit of Largo Road through Lundin Links has welcomed the decision by Fife Council not to install speed bumps at the same time as reducing the road’s limit from 30mph to 20mph.

The Time For Twenty group, led by parents who live in the local area, petitioned Fife Council ahead of the speed limit change back in November because of concerns about the safety of the road for both pedestrians and other drivers.

The group highlighted a number of near misses and accident hot spots within the village, many of which were close to routes used by parents with young children.

Heather Paterson, a campaigner for the action group, said: “We are really pleased Fife Council is willing to trial 20mph without speed bumps.

“Many locals who supported the petition for a 20mph were not keen on speed bumps.

“We hope that, with local support, the traffic measures introduced will be successful in slowing traffic down and making the road safer.”