No fun down at the fair as rates hike hits

Councillor David Alexander
Councillor David Alexander

A REGULAR summer visitor to Leven’s Promenade may be priced out of a return to the area due to a massive hike in ground rental charges.

Each year a member of the showmen’s community sets up a small fun-fair for children on land opposite Kwik-Fit.

However, due to a Fife Council oversight, the gentleman, who it’s been suggested has been coming to the area for decades, may have been paying a lot less for rental than he should have.

Councillor David Alexander, though, said he hoped something could be arranged to allow the popular attraction to take its usual spot in the area.

He said: “Up until now to lease the land he’s been getting charged around £600.

“It’s nothing we’ve done locally, but it looks like the estates department have had a look again and it’s risen for him to £1966.

“I’m hoping that it’s either a mistake or, if not, then there may be something we can do before for the summer, because this guy has been coming to this area for 30 years.”

David Campbell, a council estates surveyor in the development and estates department, told the Mail the authority had a duty to treat all rent payers fairly and to get best value for all council assets.

He added: “The rental value for this land on Leven promenade has now been reassessed based on the current market value.

“The new rent is in line with what other leaseholders are paying locally.

“The percentage increase is so significant because this rent has not been reassessed for a long time, which has been an oversight on our part.”