‘No need to get into a lather’ says Tesco in Cupar

Tesco in Cupar.
Tesco in Cupar.

Tesco has promised it has taken ‘immediate action’ to ensure that a car wash in its car park in Cupar is not causing an obstruction.

Last week, an angry reader contacted the Fife Herald to complain that the car wash was restricting the already narrow pavement at the bottom of St Michaels Drive.

He was also concerned that the soapy foam could be blocking the drains.

A Tesco spokesman responded to the concerns after we went to press.

He said: “We’re really sorry to hear of your reader’s complaint and are taking immediate action to ensure there is no further obstruction to the pavement.

“The car wash operator has been in touch with the local council and SEPA, who have assured him and Tesco that there is no environmental issue with the waste water going into the drains.”

Meanwhile, Cuparians have been promised that they’ll hear by the end of this month whether Tesco intends to expand its existing Cupar store or build a new one.