No peace for Cardenden residents next to ball court

Pat Hindley and Margaret Rankin next to the broken fence that allows access to the ball court inside St Ninian's PS in Cardenden
Pat Hindley and Margaret Rankin next to the broken fence that allows access to the ball court inside St Ninian's PS in Cardenden

Cardenden pensioners claim they are being ‘imprisoned’ in their homes as a result of the disturbance caused by teenagers at St Ninian’s Primary.

Pat Hindley and Margaret Rankin are just two of a number of local residents who have been adversely affected by the problem which they say has worsened since the school holidays began.

They stay in Orebank Road directly behind the playground, and claim their properties have been damaged by teenagers kicking a ball over the high fence.

Pat (71) said her wall has been kicked down, garden ornaments have been smashed and she has suffered verbal abuse from young people using the astro turf facility.

Margaret (67) said her fence has been broken, her Sky dish knocked off, her flower pots have been smashed along with her bird table and plants have been trampled.

They said that since the five-a-side pitch was put in two years ago it was been a noisy nightmare.

Pat said: “The pitch is meant to be for children using it at school time during the day but it’s teenagers who are using it late at night, hitting the ball far too high so it comes over the fence and into our gardens.

‘‘It’s not just about the damage this causes - it’s also the fact that they are very noisy shouting and swearing.

‘‘They are all using the astro turf to meet and they drink alcohol and smoke in there. We feel we can’t sit out in our gardens - we feel like prisoners in our homes.”

Margaret said: “Sometimes they are there until nearly 11.00 p.m and I have seen as many as 27 young people.

‘‘It’s destroying our social lives - they are so loud.

‘‘We don’t mind them kicking a football we just want them to do it somewhere else.”

Pat and Margaret said they have contacted all the local councillors about the problem, spoken to the headmaster at St Ninian’s as well as the community wardens and the police but they say despite meetings being held, nothing is being done to rectify the situation.

Pat said: “It just seems like no-one can help us. There really needs to be another facility like this elsewhere in Cardenden - perhaps at Wallsgreen Park - so that way they can all go there instead.”

Fiona Forbes, Fife Council locality support team leader, said: “This play area has been there for many years and has been recently marked up as a football pitch.

‘‘We’re working together with residents, other representatives in the community, the police and the local school and a meeting was held recently to discuss concerns raised about the use of the area. We hope to continue to work together to find a solution that takes account of views and the needs of the community.”