No plans for UCG drilling in near future

Algy Cluff
Algy Cluff

A representative for Cluff Natural Resources, which has a licence to carry out Underground Coal Gasfication (UCG) in the Firth of Forth at Largo and Kincardine has told the Mail that no work will be carried out in the next 12 months.

ndrew Nunn, chief operating officer at CNR, told the Mail that the company is planning a demonstrator project at Kincardine which would consist of at least two test wells being drilled.

But as of yet, there are no plans for work at Largo Bay.

He said: “The wells won’t be drilled until after we have completed the Environmental Impact Assessment and received planning permission and all other required permits from the regulators.

“Planning permission may be submitted in the first half of next year, all going well, and we could be operational in early 2017.”

Despite holding a licence to carry out drilling in the Largo Bay area, Mr Nunn confirmed that they have no plans to seek planning permission for this until after the completion of the Kincardine demonstrator.

Owner of CNR, Algy Cluff has come up against stiff competition from many local people who fear the safety and environmental repercussions of UCG, given that the process has never been tested off-shore before, and the Bay is so close to local communities.

UCG is the process by which coal is turned into gas by injecting oxidants into coal seams and pumping the product gas to the surface.