No truth in hotel claims

The Crusoe Hotel
The Crusoe Hotel

Claims that the well-known Crusoe Hotel in Lower Largo is in liquidation have been firmly denied by its owner.

Stewart Dykes told the Mail last week he could categorically assure people that the hotel would remain.

In fact, he said business was going very well and the premises had been full since before Christmas.

Latest rumours that the Crusoe was in trouble circulated with newspaper references to action it was involved in with HM Revenue & Customs. A claim that the hotel was in liquidation was also made locally on Facebook.

“We had an issue with HMRC but that has been resolved, said Mr Dykes.

“We are not being put into liquidation or administration.”

Mr Dykes has owned the Crusoe Hotel for 12 years and employs around 30 part-time and full-time staff.

The hotel was fully booked, with a number of offshore industry managers and golfers staying, he said.

Mr Dykes said the hotel was being repainted and new gutters and satellite dishes had been installed, while the screened outdoor seating area had been reintroduced.

While the hotel was “doing very well”, said Mr Dykes, itwas still possible for closure rumours to affect business.

But he added: “We are very busy and there was no threat of us going into administration.”