Not so grand designs ...

Celia Sawyer hosts 'Your Home In Their Hands'
Celia Sawyer hosts 'Your Home In Their Hands'

Allan Crow takes a look at the week’s TV highlights

(Thursday, BBC1, 8.00 p.m.)

Flick through the channels and you’ll soon trip over some make-over TV show.

The formats are all the same - a celeb host wheechs some poor couple out of their home while it is subjected to the whims of a designer before the big reveal at the end.

Taste and style being hugely subjective, we get to look on in disbelief at some of the revamps and offer a silent prayer our bland cream walls remain out of their reach.

BBC started all this nonsense with ‘Changing Rooms’, and now it has come up with a twist in this new series.

This time, they summon up two amateur designers with contrasting styles, and basically let them loose before host, Celia Sawyer, casts an uber-critical eye over their work.

Last week’s show featured some eye-poppingly luriud work which may well have been to their tastes but clearly took little cognisance of what the poor residents wanted.

It made you pine for the subtlety of Laurence Llewellyn what’s his name...

The X Factor

Friday/Saturday, stv, 8.00/9.00 p.m.)

And so the Cowell karaoke show rolls on to the judges’ house stage where the wannabes get a glimpse of the high life before being dispatched like faulty goods back to their humdrum lives.

I get the impression even the media is tired with the contrived emotion and sob stories, and fewer people seem to be talking about it - maybe even the XFactor has a sell-by date.

Let’s hope so ...

Have I Got News For You

(Friday, BBC1, 9.00 p.,.)
A new series!

But how can we possibly tell given the show is rolled out almost every week - and daily if you happen to watch Dave.

Nothing has changed since the last series with Messrs Hislop and Merton joined by the usual suspects, and the occasional MP who thinks he is funny.

Genesis: Together & Apart

(Saturday, BBC2, 9.15 p.m.)
BBC2 strays into territory normally reserved for Beeb4 with this celebration of prog rockers Genesis.

When Peter Gabriel fronted them they wrote 25-minute long songs and dressed up in silly costumes.

Then Phil Collins stepped out from behind his drum kit and they became a chart-topping band.

This looks at both sides of the band with interviews with all the leading suspects.

For complete Genesis-ophiles, it’s followed by a batch of TOTP footage of the band. So no ‘Supper’s Ready’ then I guess ...

Dr Who

(Saturday, BBC1, 8.30 p.m.)
A later than usual slot for the Time Lord and his sidekick as BBC shoves ‘Strictly’ into a tea-time slot before the XFactor juggernaut has time to rev up.

I guess they are banking on folk sticking with them for the Doc to land on the moon where he encounters a mining base full of corpses.

Wild Boys: The Story Of Duran Duran

(Friday, BBC4, 9.00 p.m.)
Back in the 80s when I was in fifth year, our common room was split between rockers and New Romantics, which made territorial fights for control of the juke box interesting.

I was very much in the Rainbow/Purple/Floyd camp, while the other lot donned frilly shirts, glammed up and bopped to bands like the Durannies, Spandau and Steve Strange.

And here we are three decades on celebrating the music of a band that somehow defied being tagged as pretty boy pop music...