Not spending a penny could save Fife £££s

Public toilet
Public toilet

ALL public toilets in the Kingdom are under threat of closure as Fife Council looks to cut costs.

The local authority has announced public convenience provision throughout the area is to be examined following discussions of its environment and transportation policy advisory group.

The review, it is said, will address where current toilet facilities are situated to see if they complement their area’s needs, and the council further warned it will be assessing the opening times and ongoing costs of toilets across Fife.

The leader of Fife Council, Councillor Alex Rowley, blamed a decision of the previous administration to close 31 toilets and make a £245,000 saving without “due consideration” being given, as the reason why the latest review is taking place.

Councillor Pat Callaghan, executive member for transportation and environment, welcomed the move, despite previous public dissatisfaction at closures.

He claimed that none of Fife’s public toilets will be phased out until alternative facilities have been identified.

He added: “There are over 160 public conveniences throughout Fife, managed by a number of council services and organisations independently.

“We need to identify and establish a fit for purpose public toilet portfolio and address the funding of this provision for the future to ensure better service delivery while identifying efficiencies so the status quo will remain in the interim period.”

Previously Fife Council has pointed to its Comfort Break Scheme (CBS) as being a way round public toilet closures.

This involves local businesses making their facilities available to all members of the public.

However there are only 15 CBS partners established in Fife and there seems some confusion as to how the scheme is monitored and how applicants to join it are evaluated.

Councillor Callaghan added: “The Comfort Break Scheme will be assessed further as part of the public convenience review.”

The review is to be completed by December and then a policy proposal will be presented to a future Executive committee for consideration.