Now showing on a new cinema screen near you


CINEMA goers in Levenmouth are in for a treat with The Regent having installed a brand new screen, projection equipment and sound system.

Projectionist Charles Ellis boasted film fans’ experience at the cinema will change dramatically thanks to the new additions.

The community run cinema, which opened in March 2010, had been using a second-hand 20-year-old screen for the past year but was in the process of installing a brand new 28 feet by 12 feet screen as the Mail went to press.

The new screen is in addition to new projection equipment installed last month along with a new Dolby 7.1 digital sound system.

Of the Regent’s new equipment Mr Ellis said: “Its up-to-date and modern.

“The standards in sound are now studio standard and that’s the highest you can get.

“A year ago it was sub-standard, the cinema had achieved a lot but it needed fine tuning.”

The old screen was cut out of its wooden frame on Monday with the replacement expected to be laced in place yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon.

The same size as the previous screen it cost the Regent around £3000, which was paid for with the help of a grant and collections at the cinema.

Mr Ellis, who has worked at the cinema for 14 months added: “It will make a huge difference. The light on the screen is much brighter and better.

“The picture looked good but the screen was 20 years old so it will be like night and day.

“The sound system is checked and fine-tuned and kept that way so that when you come here you will hear every word.”

This Friday the cinema is hosting its second paranormal vigil night to celebrate Hallowe’en and all films on Saturday and Sunday will be priced £4.