Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee will be at Rothes Halls, Glenrothes on March 30
Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee will be at Rothes Halls, Glenrothes on March 30

LOVE him or hate him, Paul Daniels has become one of the world’s most well known magicians and he’s coming to Fife later this month.

The entertainment legend - best known for his magic tricks - will bring his ‘Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow’ tour to Glenrothes’ Rothes Halls on Friday, March 30.

And he’ll be joined by his assistant and wife, Debbie McGee.

Paul told the Press he’s looking forward to coming back to Scotland and has vague memories of being in Glenrothes before: “I think I’ve been there before I don’t know why I think that, but I have that feeling.”

Asking if he’s keen to be getting back on the road, Paul says: “I have never been off the road really.

“I’m always busy whether it’s private functions, corporate events, shows in town halls or whatever.

“People always think of me as the TV guy, but the truth is I wasn’t always on television.

“I have been entertaining for 43 years.”

Paul and Debbie are now on the second leg of the ‘Hair Today Gone Tomorrow’ tour, which exhibits their unique hilarious art of comedy magic.

The magician continued: “We took it out at the [Edinburgh] Fringe and it got great reviews and good box office.

“In fact, dare I say it, I was one of only two or three people that actually made a profit.

“On Twitter and Facebook there are great reviews because there’s so much laughter.

Paul will also be joined by guest artist Kevin Orkian - ‘‘he was brilliant at the Fringe.” he said.

Kev is a talented, up and coming comedian and a highly skilled pianist, singer and actor, but he’s not the only guest set to appear.

Paul’s son, and entertainer in his own right, Martin Daniels is also taking part in some of the performances.

Having first picked up a book ‘How to Entertain at Parties’ when he was just 11, Paul Daniels has been entertaining the masses since then, perhaps best known for hosting his own show on BBC1, ‘The Paul Daniels Show’ with Debbie McGee for 15 years.

But with a career spanning several decades, the entertainer certainly believes variety is the spice of life.

He says: “The thing that makes me like what I do for a living is I have such a vast range of stuff.

“I guess I’m at home on stage but it’s that vast variety of stuff that keeps me interested, if it was all the same all the time I’d get bored.

“After all the shows we get more comments about one thing and that is that they didn’t realise the show was going to be so funny.

“It’s the biggest surprise for most people.

“They are unaware of the fact they edited out the funny parts on TV.

“It’s a very funny night out and I baffle people with some magic.

“Magic has such a very wide range of presentation, some do it dramatically or mystically and some people do it comedically and that’s how I make my living as it were.

“Every night is different because of the improvisation which comes from the audience participation, I love talking to people.

“I hope people enjoy it. I think it’s fun.”

So what is it that Paul thinks makes magic so appealing to audiences?

“That’s the easy question,” he laughs.

“When your teachers tell you there are certain rules of physics the world demands like gravity and that matter can’t be produced, well we have all dreamed about flying and pulling money out of the air - magicians do it! “They can do the impossible. That’s what we do.”