Numbers up for residents in Kirkcaldy street!

Trish Dingwall with the wrong house number sign in RedcraigsTrish Dingwall with the wrong house number sign in Redcraigs
Trish Dingwall with the wrong house number sign in Redcraigs
Confused residents in a Kirkcaldy street don't know whether they're coming or going!

For the signs showing the numbers of their blocks of houses have been re-attached wrongly – with one missed out altogether.

The mix-up happened when Fife Council put back the number signs to the side of the row of terraced homes in Redcraigs after external cladding work was carried out last year, and they have been like that since before Christmas!

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Although residents can see the funny side of things, they say the wrong signage could have serious implications if someone took ill or needed help from the emergency services.

Trish Dingwall (53), who lives at number 274, said she only recently realised the wrong numbers were on her block when she came home from the opposite direction to her normal approach.

“I’ve probably looked at it many times before, but this time I was paying attention and realised that it had the number of the houses from the next block down from ours on the side of our row,” Trish said.

“I went and checked the gable end of the next block and it had no numbers on it at all, while the one at the end of the row had our numbers on it.

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“The house numbers around here are confusing enough without being mixed up, and it’s obviously been like that since the cladding work on the houses was finished last year.

“I’m surprised the posties haven’t said anything. I contacted the council last week but they haven’t been out to fix it yet.

“I am just worried that someone around here could need urgent medical attention and the ambulance wouldn’t be able to find them easily.

“Most of the houses have numbers on their doors but the ones on the end of the block stand out and would be what someone driving past would look at.”

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The Press contacted Fife Council this week to make it aware of the problem.

The council claimed it was not aware of the mix up as it had not been brought to its attention, but said that it would send someone out to sort out the signs as soon as possible.

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