Nurse injured after tripping on pothole-ridden road

A nurse manager at a Leslie care home had to be taken to casualty after tripping on a pothole and fracturing a bone next to her elbow.

Thursday, 28th June 2018, 3:10 pm
Updated Saturday, 30th June 2018, 11:03 am

Marilyn McDiarmid suffered a fracture to the radial head in her right arm while walking to West Park Care Home, where she works, at the end of Walkerton Drive.

Last week, the owner of the care home, Irene Bright, had urged Fife Council to fix the road, which is ridden with potholes.

Walkerton Drive is an unadopted road, but Ms Bright claims that the deeds for the homes along the street do not include anything about the upkeep of the road.

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Speaking hours after her fall, Ms McDiarmid talked about the incident.

“I walk along the path because my husband won’t drive up due to how bad the road is,” she told the Gazette.

“Then I went down the pothole. I landed on me knee, then my elbow, then my head.

“I phoned the girls at work and they came along to help me.”

Ms McDiarmid phoned Fife Council following the incident and is planning on submitting a complaint.

She has also backed Ms Bright’s call for Fife Council to fix the road.

“We are providing jobs and a place for people to stay,” Ms McDiarmid said.

“And we provide a lot for the community.

“We’re a great home, but I warn people about the road, which does put some people off coming.

“We’re just asking for the council to fix the road.

“It’s not fit for purpose.”

Martin Kingham, service manager (Roads Network Management) said: “As we said previously, this is not a Fife Council road and as such we are not responsible for its upkeep and condition.

“However, we have already agreed that we would consider the possibility of the council carrying out a one off repair and that possibility is still being considered.”