Nursery gets help with repairs

Richie with Heather and early years staff from Paxton Nursery
Richie with Heather and early years staff from Paxton Nursery

A Fife-based scrap metal company has stepped into help a vandalism-hit local nursery -after reading the story in the East Fife Mail.

EMR, which has its base in Kirkcaldy, heard about the mindless vandalism at Paxton Nursery in Methil back in February and decided to do something to help.

Staff at the scrap metal company were so upset to hear that the pupils had lost their precious greenhouse after the malicious attack that they quickly contacted the head teacher to offer their support.

As well as damaging the pre -school’s greenhouse, the vandals also smashed the perimeter fencing and a number of pots during the strike which caused damage adding up to more than £200.

“We couldn’t believe it when we read about the damage to the nursery,” said area manager Richie Muldoon. “We wanted to do our bit to help out so have paid for the repairs and have offered to help repair the fence.”

Richie visited the nursery earlier this month to hand over a cheque for £300, and 
received a warm welcome from staff and pupils who were delightedwith the donation.

Heather Pozzi, headteacher said: “We were overwhelmed by the support of readers wanting to put things right. In addition to a £300 from ERM, we also received £200 from the volunteers of Tayport Charity Shop and £60 from a great gran of a former pupil! We have been touched by this generosity.

“Already we have repaired our willow tunnel and renewed brushwood to our rear fence. The nursery is currently closed for a two week holiday period but when we resume we shall be repairing our bottle greenhouse and buying new planters and plants to replace those which were smashed.

“On behalf of the children, staff and parents, I would like to say a big thankyou for all the care and support shown.”