Nursery is back from brink

A small group of the uniformed 'graduates' from the Fishbowl Nursery.
A small group of the uniformed 'graduates' from the Fishbowl Nursery.

WORRIED parents have been assured that a popular nursery in Methil town centre will not, after all, be shutting down.

The Fishbowl Nursery, at Methil Community and Education Centre, faced permanent closure at the end of term following the resignation of chairperson Sharon Lyle.

Without a successor, the well-established facility would have been legally obliged to shut – and rumours quickly circulated that it would not be reopening after the summer break.

According to mum and 
saviour Lisa Evans, parents were “in tears” and started taking their children out, believing what they had read on Facebook.

“It just snowballed,” she said. “Our numbers of new 
applicants went down a lot, and a lot of people took their children out, thinking we were closed.”

Then, on June 26, a committee meeting was held and with no-one else willing to come forward, Lisa herself volunteered for the position.

“Someone had to save it,” she said.

“It’s a great wee nursery, in a very important position in the town. A lot of the parents were crying when they thought we were closing.”

Miss Evans, who already works full-time, said she had no business qualifications, but felt she had no alternative but to take on the voluntary position if the nursery was to stay open.

“ We’re running with a skeleton committee of just me, the treasurer and the secretary, but as long as everybody knows we’re still open we’re OK. We’ve got a new committee and we’re moving forward,” she added.

Miss Evans said more 
parents would need to be recruited, but the most 
important thing was getting youngsters back for the start of the new term.

In the meantime, the nursery has arranged another 
fundraiser to show people it is still open for business.