Object again, Kinghorn folk told over flats plan

Angry objectors in front of the proposed site
Angry objectors in front of the proposed site

Residents in Kinghorn who campaigned against plans to build flats in the town are being told they have to re-submit objections.

The move came after the original plans were withdrawn - and a new application lodged to build affordable homes.

I didn’t realise that a new, virtually the same, application had been submitted

Mike Stoker

It was registered by a partnership between Fife Council and Campion Homes.

In the new application, the number of flats has been reduced from 27 to 24, while the height of the development has been reduced by a metre at its highest point, and three extra car parking spaces added.

Campaigners told the Press they were jubilant when, following a public meeting to unveil the new plans, they were withdrawn by the applicants.

However, their joy was short-lived when they discovered new plans had been submitted.

Mike Stoker, a local resident, explained: “Not long after the public meeting to view the revised plans, I received an email informing me that the planning application had been dropped.

“At this point, I thought we had won our case. I didn’t realise that a new, virtually the same, application had been submitted.

‘‘‘Where before there were 100-plus objections, there are now less than 10. I feel the local community, and Fife residents, should be made aware of this so it can be stopped.”

Colin Cluny, who collected a petition against the proposals, said he was “disgusted” when told by planners that original objections would not stand.

“I queried this, given that there’s no material change, but the response was spurious at best, noting it was due to a change in the description of the proposal.”

Fife Council planners said that, because a new application had been submitted, by law new objections had to be lodged.

Mary Stewart, service manager in planning, said: “There have been material changes in the application in that the height of the building, the number of units and amenity space has changed, so a new application was submitted. These could make some people change their minds, so new objections have to be lodged.”

Campion Homes declined to comment.

New objections must be lodged by April 26.