Objectors given the hump over speed measures - take our online poll

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ANTI-speed hump objectors have suffered a double defeat at the hands of councillors, reports MIKE DELANEY.

Separate bids to stop the measures being imposed on two streets has been rejected by Glenrothes Area Committee.

There was some sympathy for the objectors, but council leader, Peter Grant, said: “I would rather see someone lose their exhaust than lose their son.”

In February the committee had delayed a decision on humps in the Charleston area, pending a report into whether they were wanted - or needed.

Thirty-three objections had been tabled against the move, which planners argued was required to pave the way for the introduction of a 20mph zone.

Those opposed claimed bumps damaged cars and were not justified by the area’s accident record.

Traffic manager, Ian B. Smith, said the £10,000 cost of the scheme was money well spent as there had been no deaths in such zones in Fife for the last six years.

He added that the study had shown mean speeds as high as 20 and maximums of 50 in the area, something which he described as totally unacceptable.

Cllr Kay Morrison admitted: “We’re not certain this is right for this street and I’m tempted to say we should uphold the objections, but because these speed humps are inextricably linked at the moment with the 20mph zones, we know there has to be some sort of traffic-calming measures and the community may well be lumbered with them.”

Cllr Grant added: “There are people who will not slow down and I would rather see someone lose and exhaust than lose their son.

“It would be criminally negligent of us not to take this action.”

Two humps will also be installed in Abbotsford Drive, despite another objection, which said that the street was not near a school and there was no speeding, or accidents in the area.

Mr Smith said local and national accident statistics suggested that most children were hurt by cars when they were close to home rather than near school entrances and it was the local authority’s policy to provide 20mph zones in residential areas.

KIngdom Housing Association is building new homes in the street as part of the re-generation of Tanshall and the humps were required as part of that.