Objectors take to social media over plans

Residents shared their frustration over a potential housing development   Pic Neil Hanna
Residents shared their frustration over a potential housing development Pic Neil Hanna

Residents in an East Neuk village have taken to social media to oppose a potential large-scale housing development.

A Facebook group and an online survey were set up following a Kilrenny, Anstruther and Cellardyke Community Council meeting, at which Bruce Weir, director of CW Properties, said that the company was looking at possible plans for a site north of Crail Road.

While Mr Weir told the audience he had a ‘blank canvas’ and would not discuss the number of houses that could be involved, a previous application by the company to have the site included in Fife Council’s local development plan said it was suitable for 240 homes.

More than 700 people are now members of the ‘Protecting Anstruther, Cellardyke and Kilrenny’ Facebook group, with hundreds signing up within hours of the page being created.

Fiona Corps (47) who runs the group, admitted she was shocked by the response and said she was getting replies from people all across the East Neuk.

She said: “It doesn’t just affect Anstruther. It affects the whole of the East Neuk, because people from the neighbouring villages use our amenties and facilities.

“I thought it would be just be people affected by the building joining the group, but we’re getting responses from people in Pittenweem, Crail and St Monans. They want their small communities to remain small.”

Around 200 people also responded to a question posted on the Anstruther.info page, asking whether Anstruther needed more houses.

Kevin Lancaster, who runs the site, said a vast majority of respondents were against a potential housing development in the town.

He said there was also concern about how any development would affect community spirit.

“The village has grown immensely over the past few years,” Kevin said. “It needs a period of time to settle down and adjust. People don’t want this to be one massive village. They like the uniqueness of the individual villages.”

Fiona added: “It doesn’t feel like a village anymore. It’s turning into a town.”