Odds stacked in favour of quelling foul smell

Leven Waste Water Treatment Works
Leven Waste Water Treatment Works

In a continuing attempt to snuff out the ‘Methil Ming’ Scottish Water and its PFI partner, Caledonian Environmental Services, recently installed two new stacks to minimise smells at Levenmouth Waste Water Treatment Works (WWTW).

The two old 15-metre high stacks have been replaced with two new 30-metre stacks.

One emits the treated odours from the sludge-drying building, while the other performs a similar task on all other treated smells within the WWTW. By releasing these treated odours at a higher altitude than before, it improves the rate of dispersion, and reduces the risk of ‘putrid pongs’ in the community surrounding the works.

Judy Wakker, community relations manager, said investigations over the last two years had identified various sources of smell, both at the WWTW and in the surrounding sewerage system. “Significant operational improvements” also included chemical dosing to counteract the build-up of odours in the sewerage system, she added.