A ‘pizza’ my heart - Fife couple’s unusual engagement

Alex Mill and Danielle Rodden are now engaged after the unusual proposal. Pic: George McLuskie
Alex Mill and Danielle Rodden are now engaged after the unusual proposal. Pic: George McLuskie

They say romance is dead – but not so in Buckhaven, where one man took the rather unusual step of proposing to his girlfriend using a pizza box.

And the question “Will You Marry Me?” wasn’t written on the inside lid of any old pizza box, it contained her favourite spicy chicken pizza!

Alex Mill (20), a local carpet fitter, had happily been in a relationship with Danielle Rodden for a year when he asked her if she was hungry one night last week.

“She told me she wasn’t but I went out and said I was going to get some food,” said Alex.

Meanwhile, Danielle – a former Buckhaven High pupil – started to get suspicious when he was gone for an hour and a half.

“I wondered what he was doing,” she said. “By the time he came back I was actually hungry but I said I wasn’t because I was just being stubborn.”

Alex continued: “I gave her the pizza box and told her ‘You have to eat something.’

“She opened the lid, looked confused and thought I wasn’t serious, but I was.

“I said: ‘Well, what’s your answer?’

“‘Obviously, yes’ she said.”

Alex added: “That made her eat, surprisingly.”

Danielle told the Mail she thought the message was a joke and had told Alex to “shut up” in jest.

“I was quite shocked because it was unusual,” she said. “It was really nice; it was cute”.

Reaction to the proposal has been huge on social media and the pair – who are known for their fondness for nonsense – found themselves the talk of the town.

“Everybody at first thought it was a joke,” said Alex.

“My mum and dad heard it first on the radio!”

While the former Kirkcaldy man admitted his technique was somewhat different, it worked for him.

“I wasn’t nervous,” he explained. “I’m really straight to the point.”

The couple have since bought an engagement ring – “sparkly, just like me” said Danielle – and plan to tie the knot in a couple of years.

“We’re going to save up next year,” said Danielle, “and, yes, pizza will definitely be on the wedding menu.”

“I hope so!” Alex added.