Have you herd the one about the runaway buffalo?

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Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam...

Surprised residents on a Kirkcaldy housing estate couldn’t believe their eyes when they looked out their bedroom and living room windows last night and spotted a number of cattle wandering through their gardens!

One man who contacted the Press with photographic evidence of the bovine beasts’ big day out said he had seen “around a dozen” wandering up Dunvegan Avenue, off the town’s Oriel Road shortly before 11pm on Wednesday.

He added: “Looked like buffalo to me. About a dozen, all black with short horns.

“They went up the woods at Dunvegan Avenue after they had been around the gardens in the street.”

The photo shows two of them walking across the paved area in front of a garage, after which, he said, they disappeared into the woods behind the estate.

A spokesman for Police Scotland confirmed they had received “several calls” from residents informing them that cows or buffalo were on the loose.

“The numbers varied according to who we spoke to, but there seemed to be three or four,” she said.

“The first call came in around 10.40pm but when officers were sent to investigate there was no sign of them, so we can only think that the owner had noticed them missing and collected them.”