Roaming buffalo home safe and well

Steve with one of his buffalo
Steve with one of his buffalo

The story of the buffalo which escaped and went on a late night outing to Kirkcaldy has had a happy ending.

Steve Mitchell, owner of The Buffalo Farm in Auchtertool said that all his livestock had made it back safe and well after going walkabout on Wednesday night.

“What seems to have happened is that someone hasn’t tied up the gate to the field properly,” he told the Press.

“There is a bolt on the gate, but it also needs tied closed as buffalo have a habit of rubbing themselves against the gate to scratch. Obviously the bolt has been rubbed open and, because it wasn’t tied shut they have got out.

“There were 21 in the field, but obvioulsy not all of them have made their way to Kirkcaldy, which is quite a long way from Clentrie Farm where they live.

“We rent grazing from Raith Estate, so they are quite used to going through the fields there, but it is quite a distance for them to go – I think they must have been looking for their pals at our farm shop at Boglily!

“I didn’t know about it until Thursday morning and I found out about it through snapchat when I was at the Highland Show. Seemingly some of the staff from the farm had heard about it, but they hadn’t thought to tell me!

“However luckily as the buffalo know the area well and are used to going back and forth between Raith Estate and Clentrie, they were able to make their way home.

“Thankfully I haven’t had any reports of any damage to property.”

Fifetoday reported yesterday how residents in Strathallan Drive and Dunvegan Avenue had been surprised to see the buffalo wandering up their street around 11pm on Wednesday night Fife Today

However police officers said that when they went to investigate there was no sign of them.