Video: Crowdfunder launched for Fife film: Dick Dynamite

A Kirkcaldy filmmaker has launched a crowdfunding appeal to help make his next action comedy.

Robbie Davidson has already started work on Dick Dynamite – an Arnie-style romp which sees the hero go up against the Nazis in a series of over-the-top exploits.

Dick Dynamite takes on the Nazis

Dick Dynamite takes on the Nazis

Robbie has already taken the clip to the Grossmann Film Festival in Slovenia, where it was very well received.

While the initial four minutes cost £60 to make, Robbie will be looking for help to fund the rest of the film.

Now a public viewing of the clip will take place in Kirkcaldy next month.

The production promises “a slapstick action/horror romp set in World War Two, Dick Dynamite is a cigar-chomping, musclebound one-man army, singled handedly taking on the German army.”

Robbie says the film comes from an idea he’s been developing for a while.

“I’d say it’s a World War Two action horror film, like if Arnie got dropped behind enemy lines in Inglorious Basterds, with the wit of Naked Gun and Evil Dead. I wrote this in about 2008, but didn’t have the means to do it.

“At first Dick Dynamite was going to be less ‘Arnie-esque’ and more like Kurt Russell in Big Trouble in Little China. But then I thought ‘we’ve never had Arnie in a World War Two movie’.

“At the festival in Slovenia it went down really well. There’s a lot of film aficionados there who just hang out and don’t watch many of the films, but a lot of them came to see it.

“It got a lot of support. People were telling us that the film could be really big, and it was cool to hear people believe in it, and made me think that this is possible.”

At the viewing night in August there’s a lot more to see.

Robbie said: “There’ll be an unreleased music video by California 80s rockers Wolf Mink, some trailers from quite a few other local film makers, and some from the Grossman festival, so it’s international as well.”

Robbie’s previous production, Radge Land, was filmed largely in Kirkcaldy – an action-packed tale of a man who is pursued through the streets by homeless people. It drew almost 400 people to the Adam Smith.

“I guess after Radge Land I thought ‘why not make it way more extreme and on a bigger budget?’. Obviously I don’t have the means to make the whole film financially yet.

“What we’ve done so far is with the help of people who gave up their time. It would be good to pay them, or to fund things that are needed for a film – feeding people, petrol etc.”

The first four minutes of Dick Dynamite will be shown at the Adam Smith Theatre on Wednesday, August 15.

There will also be a “classic car from a classic movie” for photo opportunities.