Officials under fire in Cupar speeding row

South Road in Cupar.
South Road in Cupar.

FIFE Council officials have come under fire for stating they will meet with South Road residents concerned about speeding in the Cupar street - having already publicly dismissed any possibility of making the road a 20mph zone.

Members of Cupar Community Council have expressed concern about comments made by Fife Council official Murray Hannah in last week’s Fife Herald.

Residents had voiced fears for the safety of pedestrians and vehicles and are now planning a meeting to discuss how they would like the local authority to tackle the issue.

Concerns range from fears for children’s safety as there is no controlled crossing point, to cars being used as a haphazard form of speed calming at residents’ expense.

However, despite officials saying they will meet with residents, Mr Hannah has already said a speed limit reduction would be “wholly inappropriate”.

Community council secretary Douglas Provan said clarification needs to be made on who actually makes decisions in Fife Council; elected councillors or officials.

He said: “ Newspaper reports have stated that stated that a Fife Council transportation official said that a shift from a 30mph to a 20mph limit would be [‘wholly inappropriate’.

“Residents who have complained about speeding in the past have also been told officers that they saw no need for a speed limit reduction.

“The question I would like to ask is who has the power to decide this? Is it our democratically elected councillors or is it Fife officials?

“If it is officers of the council, then why do we waste money on elections?”

Fellow community councillor Ed Cook said he had been following the South Road debate with interest but was dismayed officers giving comments to the press had issued a fait accompli before any discussions had taken place.

In recognition of residents’ concerns over speeding Fife Safety Camera Partnership is to deploy speed cameras in the street from Monday.

A residents meeting to discuss the issue will take place in Cupar Golf Club on Thursday, June 7, at 7.30pm.

All Cupar residents, not only those in South Road, are invited to attend.

It is expected that views from this meeting will then be discussed at a meeting with Fife Council officials later in the month.