Offroad bike plan back in gear

Previous temporary biking facilties provided by Kingdom Off Road Motorcycling Club
Previous temporary biking facilties provided by Kingdom Off Road Motorcycling Club

A well-known charity is kick-starting its efforts once again to provide a new community facility and tackle a long-standing anti-social problem.

Kingdom Off Road Motorcycling Club (KORMC) has been working with young people to reduce dangerous, illegal off-road motorcycling.

For some years, it has sought to develop an indoor motorcycling venue in Levenmouth.

It would hopefully provide a safe environment for motorcyclists to train and learn new skills – with the potential for other community/ leisure-based activity to take place.

Now KORMC is engaging in a two-fold survey to help secure major capital funding for a facility in Methil.

It has planning permssion for change of use at the former Central Farmers grain store in Wellesley Road for an indoor track, but capital finance – of around £150,000 – has been the main stumbling block.

It hopes now to present the survey information, and other evidence, to National Lottery groups and sportscotland.

Members believe the idea is a “worthwhile and sustainable intervention” to help educate young people, curb the menace and even create jobs and volunteering opportunities.

Having previously run temporary facilities in Levenmoth, for what it said was an “under-represented sport,” KORMC has received Lottery funding of £10,000 for its investigations and has asked Community Enterprise Ltd to do the feasibility study.

KORMC secretary Dave Paton said a partnership approach was needed, as unlawful motorcycle riding was “still a huge concern”, adding: “It has been for many years and it’s not been tackled effectively.”

There were strategic approaches to dog fouling and seagull nuisance, said Dave.

“But, for this type of anti-social behaviour, we just have the police trying to do the best they can within the limitations they have,” he added.