old and young unite for CD

KIRKCALDY;'Fair Isle PS P4/5 pupils recording CD of 'intergenerational' stories in the studio'photo; WALTER NEILSON
KIRKCALDY;'Fair Isle PS P4/5 pupils recording CD of 'intergenerational' stories in the studio'photo; WALTER NEILSON

A PROJECT uniting young and old has proved a great success.

Older people from the community (the storytellers) visit the school and tell stories about growing up in their community - where they went to school, what jobs they did, funny anecdotes, sad wee tales, how much the community has changed - anything really.

The young people then work with staff at the YM to pick out the stories they liked and develop them into themes.

We then help the YP to write song lyrics based on the storytellers tales and also drawing heavily on their own (short) lives and experiences.

The next step is YP working with the music staff at the YM to come up with the melody and play instruments - guitars, keyboards, drums, percussion and we also bring in technology, with loop pedals and synths etc...

Finally, the song(s) are recorded at the YM studio and turned into a CD, designed by the Young People.

Some of the aims are to encourage young people to work alongside older people (and vice versa) and develop common ground and a shared learning experience. We also put great stock in young poeple learning about their communities culture, including music, poetry and the local dialect. We want to encourage young people to be proud of who they are and where they come from - including their accents and using colloquial Fife and Scots words.

We also want to try and encourage YP to take up music and/or continue making music, when they go up to secondary school.

The project is a great example of how both schools are embracing the curriculum for excellence and helping enrich the lives of their pupils, as the project encompasses music, art, culture, literacy, social media, poetry, performance and giving young people the opportunity to shape their own education.

Valley Primary (primary 7) are performing their song here tomorrow at 2.30 for their parents. We’re finishing recording with P4/5’s at Fair Isle on Wednesday (2pm) - couple of good photo opportunities perhaps...

The project is part funded by Equally Well and Fairer Scotland

Would really appreciate a good shout for this as the kids have put in a massive amount of work. The Valley Primary song fits in really well with current happenings, as some of the lyrics are about the miners strike in the 80’s.