Old Fife laundry is eyesore to all '“ but the rats!

Eunice Cameron from Dysart outside the disused laundry building and electricity sub station.Eunice Cameron from Dysart outside the disused laundry building and electricity sub station.
Eunice Cameron from Dysart outside the disused laundry building and electricity sub station.
A disused laundry block in the centre of Dysart has been branded an eyesore to everyone but the local rats.

And nearby householders claim that action should be taken to either demolish the building or renovate it and make it safe as it is also a popular climbing frame for children.

Eunice Cameron, a spokesman for the residents, has complained to Fife Council, owners of the building, which also houses a separate electricity sub station.

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She claims that it spoils the appearance of the area in Quality Street where 21 new flats for affordable rent with adjacent car parking are currently being built.

“It is a big concrete block which used to be used as the laundrette for the former flats until about 2005,” she said.

“At the front end there’s an electricity sub station which would cost a lot of money to take away, but what we would like to see is the laundry part taken away and the building repaired and refaced to make it look better and stop the rats getting in.

“There is also a small gap behind it which, if a child were to fall down, would be extremely difficult to get them out. It is dangerous and needs to be made safe.”

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Eunice said that when the builders began construction on the new flats she asked the foreman about the plans for the laundry.

“He said he knew nothing about it and it wasn’t part of the plans,” she said. “They will have these lovely new flats with this eyesore of a building next door.

“Ideally the whole block would be removed, but failing that the laundry could go and they could make it safer and more attractive than it does.”

David Robertson, Fife Council manager for affordable housing, said: “We have been in contact with Ms Cameron over her concerns about the former laundry on Quality Street in Dysart. The building currently houses a Scottish Power sub-station. We are in discussions with them about the future of the site and ways we could potentially improve the look of the building.

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“While we aren’t aware of any problems with children playing on the site, we have asked the night watchman of our affordable housing site to keep an eye out for potential problems. We would discourage anyone from playing on any buildings and building sites for their own safety.

“We have thoroughly searched the old laundry and have no evidence that there are any rats. We will continually monitor this and take action if the situation changes.

“If a private resident has issues with pests, they can call 03451 55 00 22 to discuss options for treatment and advice on how to stop pests on their premises.”

A spokesman for Scottish Power, which runs the electricity sub station within the building on Quality Street, said that, following the complaint being received, they had sent someone out to inspect the building.

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“We have had someone out and checked the building and the part which houses the sub station is completely secure and safe,” she said.

“They checked it inside and out and it is all fine. We also could not see any signs of any rats inside the building.

“There are are no plans to move it.”