Old hand showing off new tricks

Tim Burgess, from The Charlatans, brings his solo tour to PJ Molloy's, Dunfermline
Tim Burgess, from The Charlatans, brings his solo tour to PJ Molloy's, Dunfermline
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Frontman of The Charlatans, Tim Burgess has just arrived in Aberdeen for his first ‘official’ night of his current solo tour when I give him acall.

He seems to be in high spirits and following a warm-up gig in York the previous night he’s looking forward to letting people across the country hear his latest solo work live.

That includes the audience who will be waiting to see him at PJ Molloy’s in Dunfermline next week.

The Charlatans are not strangers to Dunfermline, having played there before – more than once.

“We always have a lot of fans in Dunfermline, and friends who are fans of The Charlatans there.

“One day they asked us to play the main hall there.

“That was about five years ago and we’ve been back three times I think since.

“As soon as this tour was booked I got a call asking ‘how would you like to play PJ Molloy’s?’

“I said ‘sounds good to me’, so we’re going to end the first part of the tour there.

“I’m looking forward to it, Dunfermline’s always a good night.”

But this time round, Tim will be playing his solo material and won’t be joined by his Charlatans’ band mates – at least not all of them.

Guitarist Mark Collins is among those playing in his live band, which also includes Martin Duffy of Primal Scream.

“It feels good,” he says talking about playing his own material on stage, “but it’s different.

“It’s a different thing, it’s definitely not as rocking, but it’s still as in-your-face, just in a different way.”

The latest tour follows the release of Tim’s solo album, ‘Oh No I Love You’, which was released at the beginning of the month.

He told the Press: “It’s phenomenal really, the reviews and sales have been fantastic.

“For me the whole experience was a really great, natural experience.

“The album came naturally, but what it was was a collaboration between myself and Kurt Wagner, the main writer in Lambchop, the band from Nashville in the States.

“It was a throw-away idea really.

“When I first met him in 1999 or 2000, I said to him ‘we should write together’, but I’ve said that to a few people over the years.

“We became quite solid friends throughout the years and we put it on the back burner.

“It nearly happened three years ago, but then it did happen last year.

“We did a lot of work in a short among of time and I recorded it in Nashville last year. It’s a collaboration of two friends, both

from entirely different worlds, both in interesting places in their lives.

“It was a really great experience.

“All I was thinking about really at the time was getting the best I could out the tracks.

“It wasn’t about it being a hit, but the reviews and sales have been so good it’s blown me away.”

So what can people expect from the musician on the tour?

Tim said: “It’s great to go out and play my own music.

“There’s tracks from the new album and I’ll be playing songs from my first album.

“We have planned a couple of covers and a couple of Charlatans’ songs, which we might play, but you’ll see what you get on the night.

“We’re not making any promises.

“If people enjoy my album and liked the last one then that’s what they will get to hear.”

And what of The Charlatans, do they have anything lined up for the near future?

He added: “The plan is to write and record next year, that’s it really.”

>>Tim Burgess plays PJ Molloy’s, Dunfermline on Thursday, November 1.