Oliver the meerkat passes away

Oliver the meerkat.
Oliver the meerkat.

The team at St Andrews Aquarium is mourning the sad loss of Oliver, the baby meerkat which they have been hand rearing since it was abandoned by its mother in February.

It is now understood that Oliver was born prematurely and in recent days had experienced a series of seizures, the last one of which had left him paralysed, unable to move his hind legs. Acting on veterinary advice, the team made the difficult decision to say goodbye to this much loved member of the Aquarium family.

The little meerkat, whom the Aquarium team nicknamed ‘Oliver Twist’ after Dickens’ most famous orphan, was born in St Andrews Aquarium on January 19. The team had been hoping to re-introduce him to his brothers and sisters when he was strong enough.

John Mace, manager of St Andrews Aquarium, said: “Oliver found his way into the hearts of everyone on the team and he is going to be very sadly missed. We are all terribly, terribly sad at his loss, and for those who were actively involved in his round the clock care, this is a particularly poignant ending.”

Oliver was one of 12 meerkats resident in the Aquarium.