On display - the map knitted by hand ...

The handcrafted 'Knitting a Nation' map is now on display in Markinch.
The handcrafted 'Knitting a Nation' map is now on display in Markinch.

A hand knitted map of Scotland is on display in Markinch until August 10.

The knitting of the map, which has previously been exhibited in Cupar and Edinburgh, was organised by a women’s group in north-east Fife and took nine months of planning, delegation and hard work.

The knitters were a loose network of 36 volunteers recruited from across the country and beyond, holding a range of political perspectives.

What they shared was a desire to make a distinctive contribution to the referendum debate; a desire to take part in an ‘inclusive’ project designed to build bridges rather than barriers across the political divide and a love of Scotland.

They expressed that love of the land in a kaleidoscope of impressions, memories and interpretations – 36 rectangles (15 land and 21 of sea, as Orkney and Shetland are in their correct place).

Each person knitted to their own design and the very different pieces were assembled by textile artist and knitting designer Elena Costella.

The ‘Knitting a Nation’ map is currenty on display in the Yes Markinch and Districts premises at 82 High Street in Markinch. The shop is open on weekdays from 10.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m. or viewings can be made by appointment.

The premises are also currently playing host to the ‘Starting a New Chapter’ art installation, featuring Altered Books, prompting people to reflect on the possibility of change, to realise that change is part of a natural process and to engage in the process of change.