On the beat – at the Olympics!

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a total of 82 officers from Fife Police will help out at the Olympic Games.

But the reduction in the numbers will not affect policing in the region at all.

The assurance was received from the force this week following the announcement that a proportion of officers from all of the Scottish Forces will be deployed to help with a wide range of policing activities at the various Games’ events which officially start tomorrow (Friday).

A total of 762 officers from all the Scottish forces will participate. They have been fully trained either in their speciality or in general policing duties, and will be at the Olympic venues and surrounding areas for the duration of the Olympics.

The Scottish task force is being co-ordinated by ACPOS, the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland.


Cliff Anderson, assistant Chief Constable and general secretary of ACPOS, said: “The Olympic Games are a showpiece for sport and for the whole of the UK. Scottish police forces, in common with forces throughout the country, will be sending officers to assist at the Olympic Games.

“Planning for this has been under way for some time and has taken into account the policing needs of the Olympics balanced with the absolute need to ensure Scottish policing retains the capacity to deal effectively with any demands placed upon it.”

A spokesman for Fife Police added: “Preparation for this mutual aid deployment has been under way for many months and has been planned in such a way that we continue to provide the usual policing service in Fife during the period. All officers are volunteers.”