‘On the doorstep’ project launched in Kirkcaldy

Leah Levein and Jennifer Knight with the mobile bus
Leah Levein and Jennifer Knight with the mobile bus

As welfare reforms bite hard, a new initiative to offer local people support

A pilot project to give people ‘on the doorstep’ help to access jobs, training, community-based learning and support has been launched in Kirkcaldy.

The initiative is being delivered between Clued-Up and Fife Council’s Learning and Development.

A range of organisations which work together to form the Kirkcaldy Adult Learning Planning group will provide funding and support to the scheme.

‘On The Doorstep’ involves Clued Up’s custom built mobile bus visiting the Templehall and Gallatown areas of the town.

It provides IT equipment and on the spot support to help people find work through accessing Universal Job Match and other job search sites.

Staff are on hand to help with preparing CVs. They can also provide guidance and referrals to other agencies as well as offering access to job clubs, training, community-based learning and support and food vouchers. Referral to specialist drug and alcohol services will also be available.

Leah Levein, a community education worker based in Templehall, said: “The impact of welfare reforms is now being felt within our communities.

‘We are trying to offer an on the spot response to the difficulties and challenges being faced - and ‘On The Doorstep’ hopes to offer a wide range of support and information when and where it is needed most.”

Jennifer Knight, employability development worker for Clued Up, said: ‘‘The idea is to help people both cope with and understand the changes being brought in with the welfare reforms. 

“People are facing huge challenges with changes to the benefit system and also trying to cope with finding sustainable employment opportunities.

‘‘It’s important that young people receive the right support to make positive choices for their future.”

On your doorstep

The mobile unit will provide access to eight internet-ready netbooks which are being provided by Fife Council’s Kirkcaldy Locality Team. A whole range of information and help is available for everyone to come along and pop on the bus. The unit will be at Templehall shops, between 11.30 a.m -1.30 p.m or Gallatown - St Clair Street shops, between 2.00 p.m - 4.00 p.m every Tuesday until the end of March.